A couple theatre students with a dream.

Meet the creative duo behind the Colorado Springs Young People Theatre Troupe! Mikayla Taylor and Audrey McGee have been acting for years and became fast friends while in a high school production together. They continued on to study theatre in college, when, in 2020, they needed something more than a summer of COVID-19-related shutdowns. They wanted their theatre back.

A show was born.

On a walk one evening, Taylor was hit by inspiration at a gorgeous neighborhood venue, Stone Crossing Amphitheatre. A play was destined to be there. Teaming up with McGee, the two of them wrote Ever in Between in 2.5 weeks, held auditions, and dove head-first into this new endeavor.

A dream come true.

Ever in Between was a massive success, winning Gold for Play in the Gazette’s 2021 Best of the Springs. It kicked off a golden age of fantastical stories that speak to audiences of all ages.

Taylor and McGee are looking forward to the future with the Colorado Springs Young People Theatre Troupe. “We’ve always been about providing safe theatre when access is limited. We’re always looking to see how to provide more accessibility to our stories, our actors, and our audiences.”

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