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Best of the Springs VOTING!

Our company has earned multiple nominations for the prestigious Best of the Springs awards from The Gazette! See below for various categories, and click here to vote:

Our Theatre Company

Colorado Springs Young People Theatre Troupe has been nominated for Best Theater Company! As an up-and-coming group, we’re thrilled to be in the running!

Our Play

Ever in Between: A Combination of Classic Fairytales with an Unfamiliar Twist has been nominated for Best Play! Having pulled off an original, safe production in the year of shutdowns was not easy. We are so proud of our cast and crew, and incredibly thankful for our audiences!

Best Actor/Actress

Our actors Danny Guzman (Robin Hood) and M. Lowell Haehn (Papa Dwarf) were nominated, as well as our actresses Claire Prestgard (Snow White), Katherine Larson (Evil Queen), Shelby Evanoika (Mama Dwarf), and Emily Strader/Em Hart (Flo) were all nominated for their outstanding performances in Ever in Between!

Here’s what audiences said about Ever in Between:
  • What a great show! Please continue, we enjoyed it so much!
  • BRAVO!! Loved it!!!!
  • What an amazing play! Clever writing, great message, and a million logistics details to pull off so well!!!
  • My husband and I went for a walk after dinner and walked in on the performance!! It was such fun!! Such a cool theatre too!!!

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