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Someday in Wonderland – A Musical of Madness!

Well, this is grand!” said Alice. “I never expected to be a queen so soon.”

-Lewis Carroll, Through the Looking Glass

Alice did become Queen of Wonderland, and her whole life changed when she decided to stay. We invite you back to a new Wonderland, with more curiouser creatures than ever before! In 1943 and the midst of a war-torn London, Elizabeth and George Arlington discover the wonder for themselves. Join the adventures as they meet Tweedledip and Tweedledot, the Hatter Twins, and Queen Alice herself!

Despite Wonderland seeming like a tango through the park, war seems to follow the Arlingtons wherever they go. The decks of cards are under the command of the mysterious General Montgomery, who seems to have it in for Queen Alice and her right-hand-White-Rabbit. Between the threat of the General and the darker side of madness slowly creeping in, will Elizabeth and George be able to save Wonderland, or even find a way back home?

With a new script by in-house playwrights Audrey McGee and Mikayla Taylor, and ten original songs from up-and-coming composers at the Colorado Springs Conservatory, Someday in Wonderland: A Musical of Madness will be an adventure to remember!

Performances are August 4-7 and 11-14 at Stone Crossing Amphitheater. Reserve your FREE tickets now!

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