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Someday in Wonderland – Video Release

October 28 – November 6, 2022

Well, this is grand!” said Alice. “I never expected to be a queen so soon.”

-Lewis Carroll, Through the Looking Glass

Alice did become Queen of Wonderland, and her whole life changed when she decided to stay. We invite you back to a new Wonderland, with more curiouser creatures than ever before! In 1943 and the midst of a war-torn London, Elizabeth and George Arlington discover the wonder for themselves. Join the adventures as they meet Tweedledip and Tweedledot, the Hatter Twins, and Queen Alice herself!

With a new script by in-house playwrights Audrey McGee and Mikayla Taylor, and ten original songs from up-and-coming composers at the Colorado Springs Conservatory, Someday in Wonderland: A Musical of Madness is an adventure to remember!

Live performances were in August 2022 at Stone Crossing Amphitheater. Now, we bring you the recorded musical online!

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