Nymphs of Arryn – Bronze Best Play

We are thrilled to announce that our 2021 original play, The Nymphs of Arryn, has won Bronze in the Play category in The Gazette’s Best of the Springs! The Nymphs of Arryn was written and directed by our two Executive Artistic Directors, Mikayla Taylor and Audrey McGee.

The story of The Nymphs of Arryn centered around two worlds, Arryn and Aleera. One inhabited by fairytale creatures and the other by humans, the two worlds were connected by a mysterious, magical portal. Between star-crossed lovers, a vengeful nymph, and a hero trapped in the past, Nymphs shared a story of finding identity outside of abilities.

The Nymphs of Arryn ran for 8 performances in August of 2021. The cast featured 21 actors who pulled us into the story at the lovely outdoor venue of Stone Crossing Amphitheater.

Congratulations to our nominated performers as well! Janessa Clint was nominated for her performance as Nellie the owl nymph, our protagonist. Luke Nelson was nominated for bringing the antagonistic Rupert to life. Cody Estep was nominated for his role as the love-struck Alonso. Congratulations, nominees! Congratulations to the whole cast and crew for bringing a brand-new story to the stage!

Here’s what audiences said about The Nymphs of Arryn:

  • “Such talent!!! Can’t wait to see it a few more times next weekend!”
  • “My girls and I loved the show! Well done, all of you!”
  • “What an amazing show filled with talent!”

To see all winners from this year’s Best of the Springs, click here:

Thank you to all the voters for your support of local theatre! We are thrilled to continue bringing quality, family-friendly performances to the Colorado Springs community!

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