Someday in Wonderland Vocal Auditions

For auditions, you will be required to sing the clip from “Soldier Ballad” (a song from the show) provided below. If your vocal range does not fit the provided clip, try one of the clips in a transposed key.

If you prefer, you may prepare a 32-bar section of a musical theatre song of your choosing.

You will be singing a cappella at auditions.

Please pick whatever best shows off your vocal skills and range!

Soldier Ballad Demo

Soldier Ballad Lower Key

Soldier Ballad Higher Key


Johnny was a soldier
He fought for Britain's crown
The king sat on his throne 
While poor old Johnny, he laid down
Johnny had big dreams of fightin', comin home in glory
He kissed his mother on the cheek and told her not to worry
Johnny he laid down his pen and he picked up a gun
He said I'll not be coming home until the war is won
Yeah he said I'll not be coming home until the war is won

2 thoughts on “Someday in Wonderland Vocal Auditions

  1. Exciting! Are we able to schedule a different time or submit an online audition as Charlotte will be out of town from May 23-31

    Thanks! Erin Johnson

    On Thu, May 12, 2022 at 3:43 PM Summer Shows – COS Young People Theatre


    1. Great question! We’ll take auditions like this case-by-case, probably an online audition would work best! Let’s chat over email and work something out.

      Thanks, Erin!
      -Audrey McGee, Producer


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