Please continue reading, prior to your arrival, for some important details. 
*TIMING:  House opens for seating 30 minutes before shows. However, we encourage you to arrive sooner for parking and the Pre-Show walk. (See below.) The show will start at the time listed (2 pm for matinees and 6 pm for evening performances) and run approximately 2 hours, with no intermission (though, please feel free to get up and stretch, out of the way of other audience members, at your leisure). 
*PARKING: is limited at the actual corner of Tenny Crags Road and Bridle Oaks Lane.  We ask that you reserve these parking spaces for those who need more accessible parking. Instead, please park in the upper (eastern-most) parking lot for the DaVinci School, located at 1335 Bridle Oaks Lane.  
If you arrive after the last Pre-Show walk has departed (see below), you can either walk up Bridle Oaks Lane and down Tenny Crags to the entrance at the low part of the park; or, you can follow the La Foret Trail (walking East), which is connected to the school parking lot near the community garden. 
*PRE-SHOW WALK: Meet the characters of our fractured fairy-tale, in brief vignettes along the path to our main venue.  
Please arrive 30-45 minutes prior to the show, parking in the upper parking lot of The Davinci School. Your friendly tour guides will meet you there and guide you along the (approximately 15 min, 1/3 of a mile) journey to the Stone Crossing Amphitheatre, our venue for the main performance.  If you cannot make the Pre-Show, you will still be able to understand and enjoy the performance; however, there are enjoyable insights to be discovered along the way, for those who want to arrive before the Main Show. 
The first Pre-Show tour will begin 45 minutes before the show (limit 10 people per group). New groups will begin the tour every 3-4 minutes, approximately. The last group will leave the parking lot 25 minutes before show. Once again, if you do not arrive before the last group leaves, please drive straight to the stage and park there. *DONATIONS:  No payment is required for these tickets. The crew members at the amphitheater will mention that IF you have a donation, they are the people to give it to. We humbly thank you for your consideration and for the generosity of those who have already given online. 
*SEATING: In deference to the statewide social-distancing guidance, most will have assigned seating and will be shown to seats by one of our cast members. However, if you are coming without tickets (i.e., for hillside seating), you do not have assigned seats — you will be pointed towards a general open area for you to pick your own spot. Please remain 6 feet apart from others when choosing your seats.
OUR RESERVED SEATS WILL BE RELEASED at 5 minutes prior to show-time.  Many of our shows are totally booked, and we have interest from passers-by. 
*WEATHER: No umbrellas are allowed except in prearranged circumstances, and those patrons will be assigned seats on the periphery.  Please bring a hat/suncreen/etc.. if you are attending one of our matinee shows IF THE WEATHER IS THREATENING WET OR SEVERE WEATHER, WE WILL UPDATE OUR WEBPAGE AND FACEBOOK PAGE, REGARDING THAT DAY’S SHOW.  
*CONCESSIONS/ETC.  We are not selling concessions. (There will be no intermission.)  You are invited to bring your own water, etc., but please, NO GLASS. We will have a trash can near our Sound Table at the top of our seating. Help us respect our venue and clean-up everything you brought before you leave.  PLEASE DO NOT smoke anything during our performance. 
If you have questions, please send a note to our email address ( or on our contact form, and we will reply as quickly as possible. 
THANK YOU, once again, for joining us.  We are sincerely looking forward to seeing you and hope you enjoy the performance! 

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