Support Us!

We are a nonprofit theatre company, with 501-C3 status. As much as we love bringing quality theatre to our community for free, we can’t do it without your help. From sets, costumes, music, and more, quality comes through funding.

Please consider helping us bring these fun, fantastical, and powerful stories to life. All of our content is original, and we intend to always keep it family-friendly: appropriate and fun for kids, while also engaging and meaningful for teens and adults.

In our short history of 2 years, we’ve cast dozens of actors and entertained hundreds of audience members. As we are still very small in infrastructure and budget, however, we need donations to continue doing the work that has blessed so many already.

We do our utmost to keep our shows affordable to actors and accessible to audiences, meaning that we bring in low revenue to cover our costs, and do not even pay our staff. Our performances are professional-quality and our stories are uplifting; we want to continue to bring this artistic service to Colorado Springs. Please ensure that we can stay alive in these trying times for the arts.

If you wish to donate, there are plenty of options. You can Venmo us directly @cosyptt. Or, scan the QR code below:

If you do not have access to Venmo, please contact us! We will be exceedingly grateful for your donation, no matter the amount.

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