2023 Best of the Springs Nominations

Since our debut in 2020, we strive to bring high-quality, family-friendly theatre to our local community. This year, we have brought to life a full-length, original musical and brought together hundreds of people through the process and performances! We’d love your support in nominating us for The Gazette’s 2023 Best of the Springs Awards!

Someday in Wonderland brought to life a new interpretation of Lewis Carroll’s classic tales for today’s world! Audiences experienced a thrilling tale of cards, wars, and mushrooms, brought to life by brand-new songs like “Curiouser”, “Cheshire’s Tango”, and “Hatter’s Quartet.” Please consider nominating Someday in Wonderland for Best Musical!

Our company runs completely on volunteer work, mostly from college and high school students. However, our quality is not hindered by our age or experience. We exist to make quality theatre safely accessible to everyone, regardless of financial situations, disability, or a public pandemic. Please consider our company for Best Theatre Company!

Finally, from partnering with local businesses, to developing actors’ skills, to creating original performances, we are always looking to enhance and benefit our community, while costing our patrons and performers as little as possible! Please consider us for Best Non-Profit Arts Group!

Ready to support your favorite artists? Check out the categories above and other artistic nominations under “Arts and Entertainment” at TheBestOfTheSprings.com!

Did you see an actor in our show you were particularly wowed to watch? Check out our program to find their name and support them in the category of Best Actor or Best Actress!

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